The Perfect Room: Finding Your Inspiration

Inspirational SpacesWe all dream of that perfect space and what it means to us.  Will it be inspiring, relaxing, energizing.. or maybe all of the above!  I have always found nature to be a huge inspiration for me and on a recent trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, this Samurai Warlord Retreat seemed perfect.  It is perched over a pond with amazing views.  For me, it felt peaceful, inspiring and energizing.  I found myself enjoying a perfect summer day with family while dreaming about how wonderful it would be to be able to retreat to such an amazing space.  I would draw, work on client projects, read a book or simply take a refreshing cat nap while enjoying my surroundings.

While this may not be the most practical space for someone who lives in New Hampshire, there are elements that I am able to work into my current living and work spaces to create the open, airy feeling that inspires me.  

What inspires you?  Think about how you want your space to feel and begin to incorporate objects that will continue to inspire, relax or energize you. Need some help? Call j. ellen Design and let me help guide you in finding and expressing that inspiration. 

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