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How to Handle a Lack of Storage Space

Storage space is a sticking point for a lot of designers. You can see a lot of sweeping, beautiful, minimalistic interior design spaces, but after you get past the “wow” factor you may be wondering where do those spaces keep everything?

Beautiful but… where does everything go?

With design elements like lack of ottomans and see-through glass or plexiglas tables, where do things go? There’s no clutter in this space, and we all wish we could de-clutter our lives as easily as that, but the smaller your home is, the less space you’re going to have.

Never fear. We’ve got some great and easy ideas to help maximize your space without leaving you throwing all your belongings in the trash.

Shelving & Racks

If you have walls and you’re able to put things on those walls, some under-used areas in your home can be used to store items. Try utilizing space above kitchen cabinets, space above windows, and spaces above appliances.

Try these great ideas:

Combine your curtain rod, curtain bracket, and add some space to put things above your windows or even your doors. If you have low windows, this can grant you a lot of extra storage space!

Utilize wall space to hang pots and pans. Usually you want to make sure you’re only showcasing good looking pots and pans like the copper ones in the photo. But check out some more ideas to show off your pots and pans, keep them usable, and maximize your storage space:

This idea looks really cool, but there are some things you’re going to keep in mind while installing something like this. You’ll want to raise the level of it so splash back from cooking doesn’t coat the pans, and make sure you’re not hanging pots and pans that stick out too far so you’re not bumping your hands while working.

Here’s another one:

Storage Inside/Underneath Things

Storing things inside or under other things is a big part of hiding items you don’t necessarily want to see. Whether it’s a storage ottoman, a shoe organizer for under the bed, or secret drawers. Here are some awesome ideas:

Utilize the inside of drawers and cabinets to help organize your items. We’ve seen this in kitchens for pots and pan lids, but also in bathroom vanities. You can even install towel racks on the backs of doors in the kitchen, bathroom, or otherwise to help hang things in areas that are not in full view but also not stuffed away, either!

Folding, Collapsible, & Foldaway Things

Items that fold up, fold away, or even better — go away — after you’re done using them are great to maximize storage space and working space. If you’ve only got a limited amount of space to live in, items that fold up and disappear until you need them might be a great solution.

Folding tables:

Murphy beds:

Collapsible & Expandable Tables & Desks:

Clothing Storage

One of the hardest things about clothing storage is that clothes never really look organized. Even if they’re super organized, they can still look messy — especially if there’s a lot of them. However, we understand that not everyone may have access to a closet or can build one, so here are some options for you if you don’t have a closet or space for a dresser.

No closet? No problem! Try installing a closet bar in a corner and hanging a few frequently used items on that.

Hang items facing you rather than to the side. This makes sorting through clothes harder, but you can squeeze more items into the space this way, especially if the space can be closed up behind a door.

Install handles under shelves so you can hang items underneath them. We would suggest not hanging heavy items, but hanging accessories such as necklaces, scarves, or otherwise would be ideal for this solution.

Have more storage ideas for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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