Timeless Design versus Trends

Trend /trend/ (v.) emerge as a popular trend; be currently popular

Site IconThis is the textbook definition of trend. In the world of interior design and fashion, we are constantly barraged with trends. What style of furniture is ‘in’? What is the color of the year?

In marketing (on-line and social media), trend is defined as ‘a subject that has many posts in a short period of time.’ This creates a short burst of excitement or talk that tends to fade out shortly thereafter.

The common denominator of a trend is the fact that it may be and generally is short lived and will tend to look dated after a short period of time… If you are a child of the 80s or 90s, you can simply look back at your old photos to find examples. Ummm… shoulder pads anyone?

As a designer, trends can be an interesting dilemma. They are splashed everywhere for us to see… home design television shows, magazine articles, and social media. How do we create a space that will not be passé in a year or two? Timeless design is the art of balancing the classics with a few splashes of a trend to remain current. Think of the classic black dress. Every woman has one and while it may be a simple design that works for your body type, the accessories chosen create a different look each and every time it is worn. The dress, however, remains beautiful and timeless.

When working with our clients to design a space in their home, we want to create that classic black dress by selecting cornerstone pieces that are classic and timeless while infusing a splash of the trend to always keep your home current. At j. ellen Design, we find that this formula creates a functional, beautiful space that will endure the test of time. We want to help you create a long-lasting space to enjoy for years to come — not months. Contact us today to get started.

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