How to survive your kitchen renovation

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen renovations are tough! Think about it, you have removed the heart of your home and while it is going to come back and be better than ever, you have to get through the recovery/healing process of gutting your old kitchen to replace it with new. There will be dust, disruption and a period of no sink or appliances. What is one to do? Here are a few recommendations to help you through this process.

Pre-planning is key

The first step is planning… DO NOT swing a hammer without a plan! A good designer will work with you to have your selections sorted, before work begins. In addition to having cabinetry, fixtures and appliances ordered, you will want to be sure to have your flooring, wall colors, light fixtures and other items selected to keep everything moving forward. Having a solid game plan and timeline will reduce the amount of time your kitchen is out of commission and help your contractor glide through the renovation process.

Keep your appliances

The next step is to think about a spot (dining room, living room, garage) where you can keep your refrigerator plugged in and set up a folding table to serve as your makeshift counter. Try to find a spot in the same area to store your pantry basics. Thinking this through before you begin will certainly reduce stress!

Embrace the adventure

While eating out is always an option it isn’t always feasible and really, how many pizza deliveries can you handle? Your local supermarket has many options these days to create healthy meals—rotisserie chickens, salad in a bag, ready to serve veggies and more. However, even these options can get boring and expensive over time. While your kitchen is in ruins, there are some great small appliances that you can use to make family friendly meals. In addition to the required coffee maker and toaster, some of my favorite mini appliances to help get you though a renovation are a single burner induction cooktop, a slow cooker or an electric pressure cooker (my new favorite appliance). Having the items available will help you function during your renovation.

Go disposable

And finally, the most challenging… your access to a sink will be limited (yes, sometimes your only water source will be that guest bathroom sink) so don’t be afraid to embrace disposable paper goods. There are some great options on the market today that are fully recyclable.

Yes, when working with clients, I am sure I always sound like a broken record; but, PLANNING IS KEY! I am a realist and will tell you, it won’t be easy; however with proper planning and remembering how wonderful your new kitchen will be… you and your family can get through this adventure!

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