How to hang artwork

How should I hang artwork on my wall?

One of the biggest problems you may face with decorating your home is… How do you hang your artwork on your wall in a cohesive but visually arresting manner? While there are multiple ways you can hang artwork on walls, some ways may be better for others, especially when it comes to where you’re hanging your artwork.

We’ve prepared an infographic for you below to help you with some ideas on how to hang artwork on your walls.

How should I hang artwork on my wall infographic

Keep in mind that when you’re hanging your artwork, there are so many more options than just the ones we’ve described above. You can vary the sizes, but generally you want to make sure that everything seems balanced to the eye — meaning you don’t want to put one very large picture on one side, and a very small one next to it. However, if you put the large image in the middle (or vice versa) while flanking it will small ones, the layout becomes balanced. Try experimenting with a variety of layouts before committing to just one.

A great tip for hanging a lot of pictures on a wall is cutting out regular paper, newspaper, or brown paper to the size of your artwork that you want to hang. Then, you can freely hang and rearrange those pieces of paper on the wall to figure out the best looking options that work for you.

How to hang artwork
Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

What layout worked best for you? What’s your favorite method of hanging artwork? Got any more tips to share to make hanging artwork easier? Let us know in the comments below!

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