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Lessons in Color: Warm Colors

You may have heard of the term “warm” colors. We’re going to explore what a warm color is and why it’s called such. Warm colors tend to be colors that are between red and yellow on the color spectrum. This is because these colors remind us of “warm” things, such as fire. Pink, red, orange, and yellow are all considered warm colors.

Think about what makes you feel warm

Flames & Fire

Sunlight, fire, bright areas, maybe even fall, those are all valid things that make people feel warm! We all associate color with different things, but for us as a whole, we generally think of things on the red-orange-yellow end of the color spectrum to be universally “warm”. Think about the color of metal when it is heated — it’s “red hot”, right? Yellow and red peppers are generally hot, too. Spicy things are often colored red or orange, like buffalo chicken or sriracha. The reason is because we consider these colors to be warm, so it’s a visual cue as well that “this is warm”. You can trick your brain into thinking a space is warm this way, too!

Bring warmth to your room

Along with warming up a large space, a warm color can make you feel comfy and cozy. Certain colors can evoke certain moods and emotions in a room. Warm colors are typically used in large spaces to make them seem smaller and more intimate.

Warm Colors Infographic

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