Wood Burning Fire Pit

Firepit Styling for Outdoor Fun!

With warm weather finally here, you’re probably thinking a lot about going outside and enjoying your yard. Whether you’ve got adirondacks you sit out on or a deck, you might be considering a fire pit… Or upgrading your fire pit. A fire pit can be just a hole in the ground or something a little more design-worthy, so let’s look at some awesome fire pit ideas. Maybe you’ll find one that tickles you!


First let’s talk about the different types of fire pits. You can get ones that burn wood, such as say… The aforementioned hole in the ground, or something you can put up on your deck like an enclosed but raised fire burning pit.

Wood Burning Fire Pit

Wood Burning Fire Pit item # 708648 at Lowe’s

But there’s also propane fire pits, which don’t burn wood and usually have glass or rock pieces on top of it (they look a bit more decorative). There’s also gel fuel fire pits if you’re not interested in soot or smoke, and lastly natural gas fire pits. Deciding what type of fire pit is best for where you’re placing your pit and how you want to entertain around it is going to help you figure out what styles you can and can’t use in your backyard.

A Beautiful Hole in the Ground

This style fire pit is your standard! Lay out sand and gravel, put some stones and rocks around a hole in the ground, put out some chairs, and boom — instant entertaining area and s’more creation station.

An Upgraded Hole in the Ground

This gorgeous “hole in the ground” style fire pit has encircling bricks which add a lot of charm! Check out the slabs of flat stone that encircle the the center pit. While the patio setup with the bricks is a bit more complex, this is a basic sort of fire pit achieved by… Well, digging a hole in the ground and putting the right sorts of stones around it.

Dish Style Fire Pit

This patio has large, grandiose slabs of stone for the walking surface, and a sort of “dish” style fire pit in the center, which will encompass all of the burning. This is a very clean and modern sort of take on the hole-in-the-ground fire pit. The dish sits right on gravel and sand to keep from the ground, roots, or soil burning.

What kind of fire pit tickles your fancy best? Let us know in the comments below!

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