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Can’t put holes in the wall? How to hang artwork without nails

Sometimes decorating your space the way you want it comes with a lot of challenges. One of those challenges we know too well is not being able to put holes in your walls if you live in an apartment or rented property. How can you hang artwork if you can’t put holes in the walls?

3M Command Hooks

Command Hooks

Of course you knew this was going to be solution #1! Command hooks are great because, in most instances, if applied properly and removed properly, the adhesive will not damage the walls. Sometimes we’ve had struggles removing command hooks where it rips off part of the paint (especially if someone did a shoddy job painting your walls such as not using primer), but repainting a small section is much better than tearing a hole in your wall. You can get command hooks that hang things of all kinds of weights.

Washi Tape

We went over why Washi tape is great in our artwork without frames post, but we’ll say it here too! Washi tape is great because it doesn’t damage your walls and has minimal adhesion so it doesn’t damage your items either.

But what if you can’t attach anything to your walls? Now we have to get a little more creative…

Gallery Rail
Photo from One Kings Lane

Gallery Rail

While you can spend money to purchase a professional gallery rail system, chances are if you’re renting, you probably wouldn’t want to spend the money on that for a space that isn’t yours. Another genius idea is to use crown molding as a sort of “poor man’s gallery rail”. Using molding and an S-shaped hook, you can attach wire or string, then attach your pictures to that, hanging much like a gallery! What makes this option great is it’s easy to move things around as needed. Check out this how-to tutorial that can help you get started.

Photo from Design Sponge

Choose your furniture wisely & use a prop!

Hanging things OFF of furniture can be a good way to get away with not putting holes in walls. Try hanging things off of a ladder or shelf. Have an old bookshelf? Turn it around and put nails in the back, hanging artwork off of the back of it! Don’t forget you don’t have to put nails in anything at all. Plenty of artwork and frames can sit on top of things and just lean against the wall. Try rearranging your curio cabinets, bureaus, and bookshelves so you can put your biggest artworks at the top.

You can also use easels to display your most favorite artworks! Don’t forget – that’s what they were made for.

Use your Floor

Don’t forget… Those really huge pieces of art can sit right on the floor and lean up against the wall, negating the use for any sort of nails! We’d suggest doing this with any very tall pieces. You can even cluster pieces together to get an art studio sort of feel.

Do you do something different? Share with us in the comments below!

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