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5 Halloween Decorations that You Don’t See Every Day

Trying to find a unique, cool, spooky Halloween decoration can be difficult. Everyone has curled ribbon wreaths with spiders in them, it seems. If you’re not going full blown haunted house for Halloween, you may want to put a little Halloween cheer into your decorations. Check out these 5 great unique Halloween decorations that won’t be hanging on everyone’s door this Hallow’s Eve.

1. Candy Wreath

Halloween Candy Wreath

Photo from Grandin Road.

While not actually made out of candy, this wreath is a great touch for those wanting something a little Halloween-like on their front doors, but not wanting pumpkins and spiders. The little rolled candies have the look of Tootsie Rolls, but is made of durable fabric over foam forms. You can buy one for $199 at Grandin Road.

2. LED Flame Bulbs

These are a great touch for outside lanterns just in time for Halloween! Put them on your classic style outside lantern or your front lights for a creepy realistic flame-like glow, without the danger of fire. You can get two for $19.85 on Amazon right now!

3. Spooky DIY Porch Sitting Ghoul

Concrete Lighted Ghoul

This one takes a bit more DIY, but it’s got an incredible amount of stopping power. Imagine seeing this ghoul sitting in front of someone’s house, nothing inside, with a glow emitting inside of the hood. I’ve never seen one of these out in the wild! You can view instructions right on Instructables.

4. Creepy Haunted Television

Haunted Television

Available at Big Lots

This one may fall into a bit more of the “kitschy” area, but it’s got the right amount of “creep” regardless. This “haunted television” flashes images and videos of various creepy things, complete with sound. Its retro vintage look helps to really drive home the creepiness. You can grab one for $35 at Big Lots right now.

5. Simple is best… Try a Red Balloon!

Red Balloon

Want to give someone the willies? A simple red balloon should do it! Inflate a red balloon with air, add a string, and then hang from a tree with near-invisible fishing wire. Anyone who is familiar with the movie “It” will know what the balloon means!

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