Traditional Balsam Fir Wreath

4 Timeless Holiday Decor for Any Home & Their Modern Twists

Happy Holidays everyone! With Hanukkah in full swing and Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate some of our favorite classic holiday decorations for the home – and to take a look at some of their modern twists. Let’s start!

1. The Front Door Wreath

Nothing quite says Christmas like a freshly cut balsam fir wreath on the front door. This timeless holiday classic has been modified and changed to fit for many years, but nothing quite says Christmas like the traditional wreath. Tie on a bow to a standard fir wreath in any color to match your holiday decor, or go with standard red.

The modern take on the front door wreath

The Door Swag

Useful for doors with oblong or longer windows, a door swag might fit your front door decor better than a standard circular wreath.

Minimalist Wreaths

These bare-bones wreaths have a nice modern take. By clustering decor on one side, these wreaths show the “bones” of the wreath under the decor, which can be a nice modern and minimalist take on traditional wreaths.

2. The Holiday Mantle

If you have a fireplace or even a faux fireplace, chances are you have a mantle that gets decorated according to season. Most commonly mantles are decorated with candles, but can often be decorated with traditional balsam fir garland, and stockings hanging from the mantle. What says Christmas more than stockings hanging by the fire?

The modern take on the holiday mantle

Less clutter, same feel

Instead of putting a bunch of stuff on the mantle, many people opt to add a few choice items flanking either side, and a holiday themed picture in the middle. This can be quite cheerful looking in a minimalist style home, or one with a lot of items on the wall already. It also makes taking down holiday decor super easy.

3. The Holiday Centerpiece

When we think of a centerpiece for a table, we often think of ordering fresh flowers and freshly cut greens for the traditional centerpiece. Red and white, along with the greenery of the flowers, is quite Christmas-y.

The modern take on the Holiday Centerpiece

No Flowers – Just Greenery

It doesn’t have to be flowers! Some of these modern centerpieces have a certain “rustic charm” to them that just screams Christmas. Pair with some greenery cuttings, pinecones, and some aptly colored candles and you’ve got a glam centerpiece.

No Candles at All

A lush holiday centerpiece doesn’t have to have candles at all. Some clever people use retro-style mason jars jam packed with greens and colorful berries to place in the center of the table. If you’re afraid of candles or a traditional open flame, you can also try fake candles, or even LED fairy lights — battery operated of course.

4. The Traditional Menorah

A traditional menorah is often a beautiful and elaborate holiday decor essential for Jewish households. Menorahs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. As long as the shape is there – eight candles flanking a ninth central candle – a menorah can be made of most anything. Menorahs may also be passed down in the family and have much sentimental value.

The modern take on the Traditional Menorah

No Central Branch – Minimalist Menorah

This minimalist menorah takes the idea of nine candles, and individualizes each candle into a sort of votive candle holder. The varying height of each votive helps to give this menorah quite the allure whether it is holding candles or not. This particular menorah can be helpful in both tight or wide spaces, since the distance between candles can be adjusted, allowing for more decorative freedom.

Super Mod Menorah

This style of menorah has the same amount of candles as is needed for a menorah, but it’s got a modern twist. All candles are of the same level, and are all snugly fit in the bottom of the menorah. These can come in wood, reclaimed wood, marble, stone, or any other material, and can look quite glamorous in any modernly styled home.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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