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16 Times Wallpaper Looked Amazing

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When you think of wallpaper in 2019, it’s probably likely you’re thinking of your grandmother’s old 1960s wallpaper – dated, not with a lot of colors, strange patterns that made sense at the time but don’t make much sense today. While we’ve come a long way from hand-painting wallpaper and printing it with limited palettes, many people still shy away from using wallpaper in their every day design.

Wallpaper should be part of your design process. Here’s why: Wallpaper now more than ever has an assortment of colors, textures, sheens, and more. You can get a high budget look with today’s wallpapers, including faux brick, wood, or anything else. Putting up wallpaper is easier today than it has been in the past too. Don’t mess with stencils or faux finishes when you can buy a perfectly made bit of wallpaper to fit your space.

Mix and Match Sheens

All of these wallpapers have something in common… They utilize metallic accents and differing sheens on the same paper. No more messing with gold paint! With spot changes in the sheen you can get more than one sheen on each sheet of wallpaper which offers you a great visual mixture of texture — plus a fantastic pop on your wall.

A color range like never before

You won’t be seeing these colors in grandma’s old home! With improved printing abilities, we can now recreate most colors vibrantly and easily. This allows for a range of wallpapers that aren’t as dull as the old 60s wallpapers.

Textures and Patterns You Wouldn’t Think Of

With the range of colors and the variety of artists making wallpaper designs, there are tons and tons of patterns and textures you would never normally dream of being considered “wallpaper”.

Fake It

Get chic for a lot less! No one needs to know you didn’t spring for real tile, stone, wood, or another material. High-resolution wallpaper can help you “fake” any look and almost any texture.

Wall Murals are Wallpaper Too

Wall murals are more popular today than in the past, and much easier to put up! Make a fantastic accent wall with a wall mural, or create an immersive space with high-resolution printed wall murals. These are also a great way to fill a large wall space if you don’t know what to put there.

Do you love wallpaper or do you hate it? Let us know in the comments below!

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