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What kind of interior design professional do you need?

When you’re planning a home renovation or redesign project, you may be wondering what kind of professional you need to get the results you want. What’s the difference between an interior designer and a contractor? Which one do you need? We go over the essentials about each professional and which you should hire.

Interior Designer

Roman Shades on windows add a dramatic flair
Roman Shades on windows add a dramatic flair

We’re going to hit on the interior designer first, because you may find that all you really need is an interior designer. Interior designers, like j. Ellen design, are usually all-in-one packages. That means that they have the industry knowledge and experience to have connections with all of the other types of professionals. You may be thinking you’re hiring an interior designer to help you place furniture and pick colors, but in reality, interior designers help with everything, including, but not limited to, envisioning your space in the most effective way possible. An interior designer can tell you whether other builders will need to be involved or not, and will likely have trusted professionals they work with that they know will do an excellent job. If you’re not sure who you need, you may want to start (and end!) here.


Architecture Drawing

It’s pretty easy to know what an architect does. Architects are responsible for planning the structure of a building, drawing out the plans, and seeing it to its completion. You may want to use an architect if you are planning a large scale home remodeling project that requires changes to your structure or new structures.

Color Consultant


If you are looking for help with just figuring out some colors, you’ll want to look for a color consultant. They can help you choose the right palette for your space, or can help you pick colors that match that sofa you just don’t want to get rid of. Color consultants can also help you choose exterior colors. They can be quite helpful if you live in a shared space where there are many voices who may not all agree.

Landscape Contractor

Beautiful Garden with Bridge

Looking for help with your exterior? You may want to hire a landscape contractor. A landscape contractor can help you design and implement an outdoor project including decks, patios, and garden spaces. You may want a landscape contractor to make all the calls to make sure that a dig is safe and doesn’t cost you more money. Some things a landscape contractor may tackle are: firepits, outside cooking areas, pergolas, decks, patios, rock walls, retaining walls, gardens, water features, and more.

Professional Organizer

Items sitting on a shelf

Are you beside yourself when it comes to organizing your home? Chances are you might want to hire a professional organizer. A professional organizer can help you get your home to a spot where you can easily find things. They may suggest organization tips, tricks, and solutions that you never may have thought of or known about. They can help you eliminate clutter and get your home into a more functional and liveable space.

What kind of professional do you need? Contact us today! We can help to get you started.

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