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Hiding Pesky Cords: 3 Cable Management Tricks

As technology enters more and more of our lives, electrical cables become more prevalent. No one likes to see endless tangles of cables sticking out from a wall-mounted television, or hanging from a computer. We’ve compiled a few clever ways you can tackle your cord problem once and for all.

Tidy Them Up

The biggest problem with cables, especially when it comes to video game consoles, computers, and televisions, is when there’s a bunch of various colored cords in no sort of order just traveling out from a central location. This can be even worse when they’re clustered up into a big tangle. Making your cords appear in some sort of orderly fashion can help make cord clutter less annoying — and can help you know what goes where.

Try sticky silicone cord holders to keep your wires traveling straight or staying put. Multiple cord ready holders can help you keep them evenly spaced so they look more organized. Don’t forget to coil up any excess cords and fasten them with a wire, plastic zip tie, elastic band, or piece of velcro strip.

Feed them Through the Wall

If you have a wall mounted anything, you may find it’s easiest just to feed your cords through the wall and out of sight. This is especially true for televisions. Sometimes it’s as easy as cutting a hole and feeding a wire through to the opposite hole. However, you can get a much tidier appearance with in-wall mount kits.

Hide Those Cables

If you can’t or don’t want to put holes in your wall, you can always try hiding your cables. There are hiding kits for all kinds of hiding methods. Try hiding your cables along the floor, or try hiding them along your floor molding with a D raceway. You can also hide cables along the wall with paintable wall wire containers.

Even more creative, you can try hiding your cables in false books on bookcases, in drawers, or elsewhere. The sky is the limit!

How do you tackle cable management at your home or business? Let us know in the comments below!

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