Hiding Clutter Infographic

5 Clever Ways to Hide Home Clutter

Home clutter can be a true bane. A perfectly decorated and designed house can fall victim to the sight of lots of clutter, whether it be mail piling up on your table, an abundance of cords, or something else. Luckily, there are lots of clever ways you can try hiding clutter! Check out these 5 great ways to hide clutter in your home:

Hiding Clutter Infographic

#1 Hide the Cords

We went over in a previous post about some great ways you can hide cords. Cord clutter is one of the most common forms of clutter in homes, especially with the growing abundance of technology, consoles, and entertainment systems. Hide cords in the wall, molding, or elsewhere to tidy up the look and feel of your desk or entertainment system.

#2 Use Shades and Curtains to Hide Furniture & Clutter

A good way to hide clutter in open areas is to put a tension rod and slide a curtain over it. Here are some awesome ideas to get you started:

#3 Use Fake Books to Hide Things on Bookshelves

Hollowing out a book or two can give you some much needed hiding capabilities. All you have to do is rescue the spine and a couple of side flaps, then attach to a box, and you have a clever little hidey hole to put things in!

#4 Don’t Forget Your Bed

If you have a bed with a lot of space under it, it might be time to utilize that space for putting things besides dust bunnies! Try oversize boxes or tupperware containers to keep the dust bunnies out but tuck away you items like out-of-season clothing, shoes, or more. Don’t have enough space? You can always use bed risers to give you a little more space to store things.

#5 Hang Em Up!

If you have excess closet space, whether it’s in your bedroom or somewhere else, you can hang up almost anything. Knot scarves and bandanas along hangers to hang them up, or use garment bags to place more miscellaneous items like wrapping paper.

How do you fight clutter in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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