2019 Color Trends

5 Vogue Colors Trending for 2019 in Interior Design

If you’re looking for a fresh change, perhaps switching up your wall color can be just the right amount of change you need! Check out these trending colors for 2019 and why they are the perfect picks for your space.


Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year was “Living Coral”, and we can see why! This fresh, energetic color is a great pick that isn’t too overwhelming for your space. Coral can be used on its own in both large and small spaces, but can also be paired with orange, yellow, white, or other colors to give your room lots of visual interest.

Dark Green

For a rich and luxurious look, a dark green may be the color for you. Look for deep but rich greens that can appear to look “mossy” or velvety. These deep green shades can be paired with vibrant, light colors like orange, red, and yellow to draw interest to certain areas of your room, while allowing your walls to “hang back”. Avoid using a dark color such as this one in low-light rooms, as it can make a dark room even darker and drab.


A fantastic and versatile choice for an energetic room! This color is not as overwhelming as say a sunny “nacho cheese” color, so it may not “glow” like those types of saturated colors do, but it will afford you a bright open space. Often paired with earthy green tones, mustard yellow is a great pick for both large and small spaces.

Blush Pink

A good mix between peach and pink is a blush, dusty rose pink. It’s a more muted version of peach or pink and can be great in spots that you don’t want to oversaturate your room. Great as an all around color, accent wall, or accent color, blush pink is often paired with pewter grey, black, or white. Try also using rose gold, bronze, or gold metallics with blush pink.

Cool Grey

Cool grey, or a grey with blue or green undertones, is a classic tone that can be used in any space. This color is so versatile as it can be paired with just about any other color for accents, or tones in metallics. Cool grey (or its sibling warm grey) are great neutral colors if you plan to frequently change the items in your room.

What color are you using in your room in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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