3 Fast Selling Colors for Home Sellers

3 Fast Selling Colors for Home Sellers

Is it finally time to sell your home? If you’re aiming to make a fast sale on your home, chances are you’re trying to make as many quick and easy changes as possible to your home to make sure it maximizes the chances of selling. Did you know that changing your wall colors can sometimes help you land a sale? It’s true! We’ll look at some popular colors and how they can best help you sell your home.

What’s in a color?

It can be easy to think that any wall color will do. They’re just walls, after all, and it’s just a color, it can be painted over, right? The problem is that many people who are shopping for homes may have a tough time seeing past the colors on a wall for the potential it has, especially if that color is bright, intense, or not the best choice for the space. Repainting a space is a great way to freshen up a home, especially if the walls are dirty or are chipping/peeling, and to hide problem areas like blemishes and marks. 

Additionally, a brighter color can help open up a space and can seem to give it a lot more of a spacious vibe.

What color should I choose?

As you’ll see in the attached infographic, all of the colors that are chosen are neutral tones. The reason for that is a few: people generally can better envision themselves in a space with a neutral, unoffending tone to it. Plus, neutral tones also tend to match almost everything, meaning the space can be customized to fit the unique and individual needs of the home shopper. Ultimately, the color you choose is up to you, but if you’re covering a dark color, just make sure you put down a coat of primer to help you hide away that darkened tone!

3 Fast Selling Colors for Home Sellers Infographic
Home buyers can best envision themselves in neutrally-toned spaces. Try: Sterling (1591) by Benjamin Moore. Comparable to Snow Drop (SW 6511) by Sherwin Williams or Permafrost (S490-1) by Behr. Revere Pewter (HC-172) by Benjamin Moore. Comparable to Pediment (SW 7634) by Sherwin Williams or Creamy Mushroom (PPU5-13) by Behr. White Dove (OC-17) by Benjamin Moore. Comparable to High Reflective White (SW 7767) by Sherwin Williams or White Veil (OR-W14) by Behr.

What color do you find works best in a home? Let us know in the comments below!

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