Beautiful Colored Front Doors

10 of the very best front door colors

One of the very first things people see when they come to your home is your front door. While you can spruce up your exterior door with a wreath, home numbers, or even with platers or other decorations, nothing quite makes a statement like a brightly colored door.

The story goes that a red painted door in the US meant that travelers were welcome at that house. If someone needed a place to stay, they would know to knock on a red door and have a place to rest their head for the night. In other instances, a red door may have meant that the home was part of the underground railroad and a safe space for escaping slaves. Painted doors have become more of an accent than anything these days, so you can choose to paint your door any color you like. Use your door color to show off a fun and bright accent, or make it blend into your home.

Keep it simple – White, Black, or Natural Colors

A natural wood colored door can be just as beautiful as a brightly painted one. The texture of wood lends a lot to a home’s character, especially in contrast to a sprawling lawn or big front entry. A white or black door can help show off — or hide — details of an intricately sculpted door.

Don’t forget about grey. A grey door can create contrast between the door and its white doorway — just enough contrast to deliver some additional visual interest to your home.

Bright Colors

Let’s look at a few popular bright color choices for doors that can help you choose the perfect color for you.

Traditional Red

While traditional red doors can welcome weary travelers or escaped slaves, red can also be used to ward off death and disease. Red is also a color known in Feng Shui to draw positive energy. Some old schoolhouses have red doors, and many churches or cathedrals have red doors. A red door is quite the statement piece, but if you think a red door is overdone, you may be looking for other colors.

Orange & Peach

We’d never turn down orange as a great color to use as a front doorway! Oranges and peaches can make a great warm color accent in your doorway, especially paired with beige, cedar, or even grey siding. If you equate orange with Halloween, orange may not be the right color for you.


Yellow doors are a fantastic bit of bright and sunny you can use to point people to your entryway. Don’t get hung up on a too-bright yellow like sunflower yellow. Remember you can also use a pale yellow, or even an orange-yellow color to get just the right tint for your doorway.


Green is such a versatile color. While a lime green door may not be for everyone, a deep forest green, pale mint green, or emerald green may be more your style. Use a deep green to accent a door in a space surrounded by differing color foliage or flowers to give your home a dreamy “secret garden” look. Imagine the green of that door surrounded by the reds and oranges of autumn! Yellow-green is considered the most highly visible color, so if you need to highlight a door everyone misses, perhaps try this color.

Blues & Teals

Blue is a fantastic go-to color for front doors, including a deep navy blue for a clean, contemporary look, or a bright teal for a fun accent color. Teal, when offset with a brick facade, can really make an entryway pop, so consider using this color if you need just that.

Purple & Lavender

Use a beautiful blushy lavender color to get a lilac-inspired front door, or go plum crazy with a deep, gorgeous plum hue. You can also opt for a more neutrally toned grey with a little violet mixed in it if you only want a small touch of color.

Of course, this isn’t an all-inclusive list of door colors, just a place where you can get some inspiration to get you started!

What color have you chosen for your door? Let us know in the comments below!

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