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More Awesome Halloween Decorating Ideas

Don’t you just love the spooky season of Halloween? While we’ve gone over all kinds of awesome Halloween decorating ideas in the past including some super creepy Halloween decorating ideas and uncommon Halloween decorating ideas, but you can never have enough ideas we think!

Halloween Archways

We love this idea of decorating your front door, entryway, or archway. This can also work on a trellis or anywhere else you want to direct some attention, especially if you need to guide some trick or treaters down the right direction. There are a lot of different kinds of archways you can make, so get creative with it!

Halloween Wreaths

There’s no shortage of creepy and spooky wreaths you could buy or even make! We love these ideas of creeping up your entryway with a tiny bit of horror. Even some bare sticks and twigs can give a “Blair Witch” type feel.

Halloween Pots and Stacks for Various Areas

These stacked up items can go anywhere, whether it’s next to your front door, along a path, or somewhere else. They stand nice and tall to give a great imposing presence and take up a lot of vertical real estate, so you’re not struggling to fill a void. Bones, skulls, birds, and pumpkins are all popular choices for these, but you could also make it out of monsters, cats, or anything else!

Candles Everywhere!

Candles are the staple of any truly creepy Halloween decoration. Instead of purchasing a bunch of candles however, you can easily make your own candle stacks with some items from home like paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, and some hot glue (for the dripped wax of course!). Throw some electronic tea light candles on top for a realistic but safe flame.

Have we missed something great? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know your awesome Halloween decor ideas, tips, and tricks in the comments below!

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