New Year's Resolution

Make a new year’s resolution to have the home you want

Welcome 2020! With the new year, there are tons of resolutions we make. Learn a new language, get in shape, eat better… Those are all great resolutions, but consider making a resolution to whip your home into shape with whatever home project you may want to make your home the perfect place for you.

Small changes

There are a lot of changes you can make to your home that don’t necessitate a full remodel or moving. Consider a few of the following small changes to your home:

Paint color

Empty Space

If you have a room that’s too dark or too light, adjusting the paint color on the walls can help you get a “just right” space. Additionally, a fresh paint color can make your space feel open and new, and can give you more ideas for things you may like to change.


Home renovation with furniture by j. ellen Design, LLC

A quick swap of pieces of furniture can make a world of difference in a room. Even if you just move or change out one ill-fitting piece of furniture (maybe the old floral print couch should go?) you can upgrade your space immensely. Consider downsizing your furniture if it seems too big and clunky, and you don’t entertain a lot of people constantly. Consider also differences in fabrics. Perhaps a leather couch is too cold, and it’s time for a soft, fuzzy fabric for a couch or chair?


Manchester Radio Group wall photos and decor by j. ellen Design, LLC

Looking for a quick refresher? Simply move the decor in your space! Even if you don’t change them out for something new, just move them around. Moving pictures, for example, can help you find better places for those pictures and may open up more room for something else.

Big changes

If you’ve been dreaming of a brand new kitchen with all the bells and whistles, make a resolution to get it done this year. Whether your “big project” is new cabinets, new flooring, backsplash tile, a bathroom renovation, or a whole home renovation, setting aside some time to get started on your home remodeling project and begin gathering information is a great place to begin. We can certainly help you get started!

Decide what project

Custom kitchen island by j. ellen Design, LLC

Your first step will be deciding what project you want to tackle first. If you have more than one, this may be difficult, but deciding on necessity first may be what tips you towards one or the other: for example, if you have cabinets that are falling apart in your kitchen, replacing them may take more precedence over putting in that rain style shower you wanted. 


Architecture plans

Now is where you can get a little creative! Start dreaming about your new project and what, specifically, you want done. For example, you may want a new kitchen, but think about the specifics: What colors do you want? Do you want new appliances as well? What style for the cabinets? Do you want hardware? Think about these specific areas and write down exactly what you were thinking. This will help you convey your vision to your contractor, if you plan to hire one.


One dollar bills on a pile

It’s important that you commit to your renovation project prior to sending out requests to contractors or designers. This way, you don’t end up sending out requests without any intention to follow through.

Committing also means that you are committed to the cost of the renovation, and while you can Google how much a renovation can cost on average all day, the details for your project will be between you and your contractor and designer, so your pricing will be very specific to you. On average, the cost for many home remodeling projects can be found on sites like Angie’s List and Home Advisor. Commit to the highest price of that remodel project, so you can be well prepared for your specific project’s needs.

Send out requests

Home renovation with furniture by j. ellen Design, LLC

After you’ve decided what you want to tackle, your next step will be reaching out to get an idea of a few things:

  • How long it will take
  • How much it will cost
  • What else is needed

j. ellen Design, LLC can certainly help get you on the right track to completing your renovation project. Contact us today to send us your project request!

Finishing up

Custom Fabrics

If you have a home, chances are you have a bunch of projects you’ve started, but haven’t quite finished. You may want to take this year to resolve a few of those projects. Whether it’s hiding cables or finishing a painting job, take a bit of time to finish up a project you started long ago. You’ll definitely feel better for it!

What kind of home remodeling projects are you hoping to accomplish in 2020? No project is too big or too small! We want to hear it. Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I want to get a pull out spice rack installed in a hole I have in my base cabinets in my kitchen this year. Gathering all the information now so I can commit. Great post!

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