4 Tiny Houses that will make you want to downsize

4 Small Homes & Tiny Houses that will make you want to downsize

Small homes and tiny homes have swept the nation. Shows like Tiny Home Nation show lavish and lush small homes that can easily be picked up and moved somewhere, or attached to a car and brought around the country. Small home living isn’t for everyone, and it can be easy to get frustrated at a lack of space. But there’s truly some envy-worthy small homes out there that are fantastic to look at. Let’s look at some amazing tiny homes:

#1: 90 Square Foot Tiny House

Acorn by Backcountry Tiny Homes
Acorn by Backcountry Tiny Homes

This tiny home packs a real punch. The big thing with tiny houses is that you need to have organization and storage systems in place so you can maximize your usable space. That means things like murphy beds and tables that slide in and out are a must. Sometimes you have to sacrifice things like lavish dining areas when it comes to having a tiny house. But this tiny house has all of the essentials in a fashionable, modern way.

121 Square Foot “Wee House”

More spacious than the above tiny house, this house has a couple of rooms. We love the outside patio, metal roofing, and wainscotting on the interior. This tiny home has plenty of windows and doors to let natural light inside. What a fantastic little garden retreat!

279 Square Foot Tiny House

New Zealand Tiny House
Image via This NZ Life.

This amazing tiny house sports some wheels so it can be picked up and moved elsewhere. In addition to wheels, this tiny house is a little roomier than the 90 square foot home above. With big picture windows at the back, and a quaint fireplace in the center, this chic tiny home has multiple levels of functionality packed into a small space.

New Zealand Tiny House Kitchen with wood stove
Image via This NZ Life.

264 Square Foot Pre-Fab Tiny House by Avava

This crisp, modern pre-fabricated tiny house boasts lots of bright, contemporary colors and features to make your tiny house living comfortable. Check out the flooring and fine details that make this space really enjoyable. This pre-fab home is a great home you could drop in a backyard and use as a guest home while saving on space.

Which tiny house is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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