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Spruce up your interior with a color scheme generator!

All out of ideas to breathe new life into your room? Here’s an idea: Try out a color scheme generator!

Computers are really awesome for a lot of things, including — you guessed it — color pairing. With a little bit of guidance from humans (you know, since we have eyes), you can generate a neat, tidy, and beautiful color palette to help you with your newest interior design project. Not all color generators are equal – some you can have generate a palette entirely for you, while others you can feed an image to take colors out of – so depending on how out of ideas you are, you may want to try all of these generators.

ColorSnap by Sherwin Williams


This tool allows you to upload any image and get an array of colors out of it, paired up with Sherwin Williams paint codes and names, so you could take these ideas right down to the store and pick up some paint if you wanted. In our example above, the ColorSnap generator didn’t pick up the red in the image by default, but you can easily see more colors and move them around to see their color codes and names. This is perfect for when you see something on Pinterest and want to know what that paint color is! Try the ColorSnap tool now.



This tool allows you to start your palette from scratch. Pick your first color, then decide if you want complimentary colors, monochrome colors, and more, and you can shift from there. The tool displays for you where colors may be on the color wheel, which can help you make an informed decision about your color choices. What’s great is it comes with a randomize feature as well, with a variety of ways to use it so you can end up with colors with the same relationship to one another, but completely random. Check out the Paletton color generator now.



Need something fast? Just press a button and Coolors will generate a palette of 5 colors for you! You can even check out trending color palettes for inspiration to see what other people are using. Additionally, you can test your color palette against varying types of color blindness like blue-yellow colorblindness (tritanopia) or red-green colorblindness (protanopia). Give Coolors a shot now.

Adobe Colors

Adobe Color

Simple, yet effective. Grab one of the colors on the wheel and point it where you want, and other colors will pop up, depending on the relationship you’ve chosen. This is the simplest to use but can give you some great starting ideas for colors, especially if you are using the analogous color harmony feature. Try Adobe Colors now.

What kind of palette do you like the most? Share with us in the comments below!

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