Stepping up your storefront design

How good interior design in your retail environment can improve sales

Did you know — your interior design in your storefront can make or break your sales? At first thought, it might sound silly. How could interior design influence a buyer’s decision to make a purchase? But let’s give it a little more thought, and you’ll realize yeah, interior design can help you make sales!

Store Lighting

Have you ever noticed that if you buy a piece of jewelry from a jewelry counter or a jewelry store, it’s never as glittery and glitzy as it was when you saw it in the store? That’s because jewelry stores (and jewelry counters) know that lighting is key to selling those sorts of items. Big overhead lights that point in just the right places can make even a small cubic zirconia look like a shimmering expertly cut diamond. Lighting in these instances can help highlight a shimmery product, but lighting also can help guide your customers into their buying decisions. Setting an atmosphere, too, can help influence how people feel when they step into your store front.

Picture the difference between walking into a comfy cafe for a coffee, or dropping by the Apple store to check out the latest iPhone. A cafe has dimmer, more intimate lighting meant to ease your eyes and keep you there for an extended period of time, whereas the Apple store will blast you with light and hard edges, helping you to see their product fully, and then get you out of there!

Remember here that natural light is best, but do what you can!


Just like how the flow of a kitchen is important, so is the flow of a store. Are your registers where a customer would expect them to be? Is it easy for people to find the restrooms, or navigate through the products? Blocked aisles and dead ends, along with small, cramped spaces can make people avoid going through your store fully — or even avoid coming back at all. Make sure there’s plenty of space for your customers to peruse, and you’re not causing any flow issues in your store. Of course, make sure your store is free of trip and slip hazards, and is accessible to those with wheelchairs, crutches, and more.

Consider also where your items are placed. If someone has not been to your store before, is it easy for them to find the items they want? Consider placing high demand items up front for people to grab them faster — or not very far so they can peruse a little before grabbing their item.


What color is your storefront? Remember that colors can greatly influence the mindset of someone when they come inside. Neutral tones can help keep things calm, but can be a bit boring. Take a look at the psychology behind colors to understand what colors may be best for your display. 

Does this blog post make you go hmmmm to your store front’s display? We can help! Contact us today and we can help you revamp your storefront to be as enticing as possible to your customers.

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