Pillow Art: How throw pillows spice up an entire room

How to use pillows like art and decorate with pillows

Adding a little spice (and changing it up!) to your room decor may not seem simple at first glance, but it’s actually quite easy with pillows as art. Swapping out such a small detail like pillows on a neutral colored piece of furniture can have a drastic effect on the mood of your room. Here are some fantastic ways you can use pillows as art in your home.

Pillow Art Infographic

Match the Aesthetic & Blend!

Pillows don’t have to always stand out. If you like the lush look of pillows, but don’t want them to steal the show, you can blend your pillows to match your couch. Have a black couch? Try black or grey pillows. Have a white couch? Try white or grey pillows. Matching pillows give the appearance of plush luxury without pulling focus.

Use as a pop of color

Sometimes, with so many neutral colors on the walls, the ceiling, the floor, and the furniture, your room decor can start to look quite drab. However, introducing a spicy colored pillow can quickly bring life to your design. The color of the pillow (or pillows!) can be any color of your choice, whether it’s red or yellow, or purple or green! You can even mix different colors. Try a large royal purple pillow with a smaller yellow one, and you’ll see what we mean!

Pillows as a statement piece

A statement pillow can be anything – it can be a bold, brash color, or a daring pattern. It can have long tassels or pom poms, can be knitted or crocheted, or maybe it’s covered in sequins. Your statement pillow can be paired with other statement pillows (try shiny, sequin covered pillows mixed with furry pillows and crochet pillows) for a bold look… And to introduce texture into your room.

Change out your pillows seasonally

Want to liven up your space time and again? Try swapping out your pillows seasonally! Grab some Holiday themed pillows for around Christmas time, or wintery blues and icey purple pillows for the winter. Or, go the opposite! Bring some spring and summer into your home during the winter with warm colored pillows and floral patterns. 

Play around with pillow sizes

Try different size pillows to bring a sense of depth and comfort to your living space. Pick out large and small pillows, square and rectangular, tubular and circular, to match your specific style and aesthetic. 

How do you work your pillows into your room design? Or do you opt to go pillow-less? Let us know in the comments!

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