3 Easy Decorating Tips for Fall

3 Easy Decorating Tips for Fall

Believe it or not, fall is finally here! We know – we still feel like it’s March 2020, too. But here we are! And we love fall. There are so many beautiful aspects to this season, and so many opportunities to decorate! Some of our absolute best design styles come from fall decor ideas. Take a look at some of our favorites!

Create a Warm Environment

Fall comes in like a cool, welcome relief from the oppressive heat of summer. And since the outside world is chilly and getting cooler by the minute, it’s time to bring the warmth inside! A warm, welcoming entryway gives a great first impression to a home. It makes it known that you are excited to entertain and be with people. This can be accomplished with a fall wreath and some spiced potpourri! Start the fall greeting on your front porch with potted mums or other seasonal plants. Once inside, light a fire if you have a fireplace, or dot candles all around the room to give off a warm and sweet smelling glow!

Blankets and Baskets

Did someone say blankets? You can never have too many blankets or too many baskets. Put them together and you have something really special. This combination is classic. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea under a cozy, soft blanket. Blankets are great fall decor ideas because you can place them in every room of the house and match them with any color scheme. Plus, cute baskets give your home a farmhouse rustic feel that is perfect for the autumn season. Baskets are so useful for storage. Just like blankets, baskets can be used in any room and are a great place to keep your blankets! 

Draw from Nature

One thing that makes the fall season so special is how we are able to draw from all of the gorgeous natural designs to make our own decor perfect. Fall is the season of changing leaves and pumpkins! Use this to your advantage in your home. Warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows make incredible color palettes for living spaces. Use your own backyard for inspiration and try incorporating leaves or pinecones into your fall decor. And don’t forget about pumpkins! Pumpkins are one of the top used fall decor ideas for the whole season. Whether you want to use real, faux, colored, natural, or a combination, the result will be a cozy and happy fall vibe. 

Looking for more help with your fall decor needs? Feel free to contact j. Ellen Design for help making your space cozy and warm all autumn long!

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