Interior design trends for 2022

What’s in for interior design in 2022

Like any trend, it can be hard to pinpoint what is coming, and what may be going. But if the end of 2021 is any indicator to what we might see rise in popularity for interior design in 2022, we can look at what was trending and what those trends may turn into for 2022. Here’s what you can look forward to for trending interior design for 2022:


While it’s hard for earthy tones like browns to go out of style, you should be expecting to see more rich browns in interior design. Consider warm chocolate browns, reddish brown leather accents, and other deep brown accents to bring inviting warmth and depth to a room and its design elements.

Darker kitchens

While the white, bright kitchen may be alluring to some, dark kitchens are bound to make their way back into our hearts – and our homes. Kitchens with darker baseboards, rich backsplashes, and other elements are more in reach for many homeowners given darker colors disguise dirt, smears, and messes easier than a clean white kitchen. Perhaps 2022 is the year for that kitchen remodel after all!

Bold patterns

Patterns have been making their way on the upswing ever since we were able to make more enticing patterns, utilize more unique colors, and use them sparingly. Gone are the days where we paper a whole room with kitschy patterns – now we utilize patterns more selectively in carpets, pillows, accent walls, and otherwise. Committing to a patterned element doesn’t have to be a big to-do. Consider using patterned elements in artwork and bedspreads, or even just in small elements for your 2022 room refresh.

Nature-inspired elements

While we’ve been seeing the surge in nature inspired elements for a few years now, you can expect nature inspired elements to continue their rein in 2022. From utilizing greenspaces like living walls, to using other elements like driftwood, or even just the color green. Live edge wood surfaces are sure to pop up here and there, along with agate pattern look-alikes.

Perhaps you’re using one of these in your future interior design plans? Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming trends in the comments!

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