Pop of color to bathroom

5 Ways to Add a Pop of Color to your Bathroom

Whether you’re planning a renovation or starting from scratch with a brand new home, design decisions can be overwhelming. Some, like flooring, furniture, and appliances, are big commitments. Others, like accent pieces and some textiles, you can change more easily.

The bathroom can be a great place to go big with color. It’s a smaller space, so intense colors and bold designs can take center stage without overwhelming your home. Here are five ideas, from small changes to big facelifts, to make your bathroom pop.


The higher humidity in bathrooms makes textile accents difficult, but it also means it can be a great place for natural pops of green with houseplants! Most indoor houseplants are tropical, and often they crave more humidity than our homes offer. If you have a window, you’ll have lots of options. If you don’t, consider a snake plant, pothos, or other plant that will do well in artificial light. (Another idea: get two low-light plants, keep one in another room with natural light, and swap them every month or so to help keep them happy!)

Antique Glass or Collectibles

Whether you have a collection already or are just looking for décor ideas, small items like antique glass bottles can withstand the humidity of a bathroom better than photos or paintings. If you have lots of counter space, you can arrange them there; if not, consider a hanging shelf and use museum putty to keep them safely displayed on the wall.


One of the quickest ways to give your bathroom a colorful refresh is with textiles. A new rug is a great option in any room. Contrasting styles, like these graphic towels and rug with the sleek and modern vanity, can take the look further. Especially if you have open shelving in your bathroom, consider how long it’s been since you’ve replaced your towels. A new set of towels benefits your bathroom routine and gives you a chance for a color refresh!

Painted cabinets or new bold hardware

In a bathroom with a vanity or other shelving, repainting your cabinets in a bold color like this rich kelly green can really make a space feel new. If your cabinets can’t be repainted, another option is to switch out your ho-hum hardware and fixtures for something new. Copper or bronze fixtures can really shine against white porcelain, for example! (New fixtures also give you an excuse to update your showerhead for some extra self care, too.)


Not every bathroom will be a good place for wallpaper—you want to make sure your fan works well to avoid the paper peeling right away—but bold prints are huge right now, and your bathroom is an ideal space for them. What’s more, there are so many options for peel-and-stick wallpaper, which gives you a great chance to switch it up even more often. Consider papering just one wall, and painting the rest of the room in a neutral shade to make it pop even more.

Want to take the next step designing your colorful dream bathroom? Contact us for more ideas!

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