How To Use Plants to Elevate Your Home Decor

How To Use Plants to Elevate Your Home Decor

Sometimes you want to liven up your home decor without actually doing a remodel. What better way than by adding living plants to your home! Houseplants can be a subtle accent or a bold centerpiece, and your options vary from laid back to famously finicky, dime-a-dozen to shockingly expensive. Whether you want to embark upon a new hobby or just add a little green to your indoors, here are some things to consider when planning to add house plants to your space.

Location, Location, Location

Just like with real estate, location matters. A small plant is going to look silly in the center of a giant room, just like a tall tree will look out of place in a tiny bathroom. 

In addition, you need to consider the plant’s needs. Two of the most important considerations: 1) what you consider “low” light is probably too dark for most low light plants, and 2) at the same time, too much direct sun will fry most indoor houseplants. The ideal for most is going to be at or very near to a window, but where they will get only a small amount of direct sunlight. 

Use Planters to Make a Design Statement

Think of planters as like picture frames: they can match or be mixed up, and you can use them to highlight your design style or as a fun way to push on the boundaries. You can use bright ceramic painted pots to bring out accent colors in a room, while simple white porcelain will look modern and sleek. You’ll find rustic, boho, minimalist, and more options—and when in doubt, the classic terracotta can fit into any space.

Many Plants Are Low Maintenance

… but that doesn’t mean NO maintenance. House plants are living things, and they do need some care. If you worry you’ll forget them forever, you may want to set a reminder on your phone or calendar—but remember, you don’t have to water it every single time! Rather than relying solely on a calendar schedule, learn what your plant needs (which may change based on the time of year, as cooler temperatures and lower lights in winter make many plants go dormant). This also means you can choose locations based on lighting, as well as how likely you are to remember to take care of it! If you have an oft-forgotten corner with decent light, better to fill it with an easygoing snake plant than a more dramatic fern.

Reach Out To Green-Thumbed Friends

Chances are, you already know who they are: they post lots of pictures, their homes look like garden stores, or they profess utter shock when you say you struggle to keep a plant alive. Often, these friends will be wonderful resources who will be THRILLED to talk you through problems, concerns, and choosing the right plant for the right spot. They may even have starter plants that they will happily give you!

Make Choices With Kids or Pets In Mind

Small kids and animals can coexist with plants, but there are only so many times your Fiddle Leaf Fig will take being knocked over before it gives up for good. In addition, many houseplants are toxic, so they should be kept out of reach of very small children, and animals, at least until you know your furry friends aren’t interested in munching on the greenery. High shelves can be a great option, and there are plant hangers to complement every home decor style.

Consider Fake or Dried Alternatives

If you want some plant life in your home and keeping something alive truly isn’t in the cards, there is nothing wrong with fake plants or dried plants! There are some incredible fake plants available these days that no one but a devoted expert would even notice aren’t alive. And dried plants like pampas grass and eucalyptus have been making their way into home decor for years.

Whether you’re adding some fresh potted herbs to your kitchen, adding a stately indoor palm to your living room, or building a veritable jungle to surround your bathtub, plants are a great way to add some color and life to your home! What are your favorite tips for adding plants to your home?

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