How to Make Your Home Office Remote-Work Ready

Many people have a home office, and many people are working remotely a few days a week or even full time. Simple as that, right? Not so fast. Most home offices were intended for occasional use rather than full time jobs, and many people shifted to remote work unexpectedly, meaning we didn’t have time to set up a thoughtful workspace.

If you’re looking at hybrid or remote work in the months or years to come, check out these tips for making your home office a work-friendly, comfortable, and beautiful space!

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

Lighting is important for looking good in Zoom meetings—but it’s also a key part of making your workspace comfortable and helping to protect your eye from looking at screens all day. If you can set up near a window, natural light is a great place to start. One benefit of a home office is that you don’t have those bright office fluorescent lights; instead, consider a combination of overhead lighting and lamps.

In addition, consider the kinds of light bulbs you’re using. Do you love old fashioned “edison” style bulbs? They look great, but they don’t provide much light, so you may want to complement them with bright overheads. If you miss the cool tones of your office at work, you can get blue-toned lights. If you want it to feel more homey, consider soft white lights.

Keep Things Organized

If your home office was set up for some basic filing, bill paying, and doing your annual taxes, you may have found that the pressures of a full-time job have left your space messy and disorganized. Rethinking your organizational tools can be a quick and easy way to make your home office be beautiful and functional.

A lot of desks for the home have fewer drawers than you might be used to at work. If this is the case, consider some decorative baskets to help organize things like office supplies as well as cables/cords and paperwork. If you like old-fashioned furniture, you might also consider a secretary desk or roll-top desk, which allows you to stow away your work mess once it’s time to clock out!

Consider the Benefits of Being at Home!

Whether you love working from home or miss the camaraderie of a bustling office, think about the aspects of working from home that you want to embrace. Set up next to a window? Consider the plants that wouldn’t be able to hack a windowless cubicle. Have furry friends at home? Consider adding a comfy office chair that can double as a dog bed while you’re at the desk.

No matter what your feelings about remote work, taking a few cues from your work habits and your interior design preferences can help you create a space where you can be happy to work from home.

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