How to Pick the Right Wallpaper for your Space (and Style)

Wallpaper can feel like a big commitment, but it can totally change a space and give new life to a room! Whether you want old fashioned and whimsical, a bold statement, or a classic and restrained look, there’s a wallpaper for you.

As a bonus, peel-and-stick wallpapers have become affordable and high quality: if you aren’t sure if you want to commit to a design (or to the installation process) of traditional paste wallpapers, peel-and-stick can make the process stress free! Here are some tips to help you decide which wallpaper style will work with your home and aesthetic.

Consider starting subtle

If your room already has a lot of color or unusual design elements, a more subtle design may be what you need. That doesn’t have to mean boring, though! In this kitchen, a fun animal print in a single color helps keep the look from overwhelming the space.

Go for the Gold (or Silver)

Metallic accents can take a room from drab to fab, and wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to add a little shine. Consider the needs of your space: in this bedroom, the gold accents of the paper complement the yellow accents in the room, while the deep blue background keeps the gold from overpowering the space.

Make the most of a small space…

Bold patterns can work great in small rooms! Bathrooms can be an excellent space to experiment with new styles, too, because you probably don’t have a lot of furniture to coordinate with! (Just make sure the wallpaper you’re using can hold up to the higher humidity levels in a bathroom, and that your fan is operational.)

… or accent a narrow spot

You know that weird corner that you don’t really know what to do with? A small corner that might otherwise go unused can be defined as its own space with the right wallpaper, such as in this powder room. A narrow space like this can look taller and roomier with that one wall, as well!

Try textured wallpaper for a different look

Maybe what your home needs is texture rather than design? Textured wallpaper is usually paintable, and it gives you the opportunity to add texture to a room, and you can pair it with a more subtle neutral paint.

Bold Geometric Patterns Make a Big Impact

If you like a modern look, consider some of the fabulous geometric wallpaper patterns out there. This one has art deco vibes that fit perfectly with the sleek velvet furniture in this living room!

Make a big impact with a monochrome look

If you have an unusual piece of furniture that you want to highlight, like this luscious blue velvet sofa, you can choose a wall that contrasts, or choose a paper with a similar color scheme to really highlight the color and make it a centerpiece of your room. Unlike a pattern with more colors, this more subtle paper brings color while letting the furnishings take center stage.

Florals & Botanicals Will Never Go Out of Style

Whether you want a classic, coastal-grandmother floral in your guest bedroom, a moody botanical in the den, or something in between, like this cheery bathroom scene, there is a floral for every space and every style. 

Want to do something different? Try a wall mural!

Often hand-painted, but also available with wallpapers, super large-scale designs like this leaf pattern can be the focal point of a room much like a large painting would be. If you like your design to make bold statements with modern style, this can be a great way to elevate a room.

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