Bedroom Interior Design

Chic BedroomYour bedroom is your personal and private sanctuary. The master bedroom is oftentimes the one interior room in your home that you spend the most amount of time in, whether its sleeping or relaxing, your bedroom is your escape from everyday life. When set up right, the bedroom is a stress-free private area full of relaxing colors and lights tailored to your comforts. Every individual or couple has different preferences when it comes to color schemes and lighting. We work closely with you to capture the right tone for your master bedroom. Or, perhaps you’re looking to expand the master bedroom or add a walk in closet. Our interior design team can handle the space planning to create the living space that you always dreamed about.

Guest bedroom interior design allows for a different sort of creativity. Your friends and family who will be using the bedroom can vary all over the spectrum in terms of personality and interests. It is important to create a guest bedroom that is welcoming and comfortable to accommodate for all of the colorful people in your life. Its important that your guests feel comfortable in your home. Every situation is slightly different, but natural light creates a warm and inviting feel, adding a window or skylight or even rearranging furniture can achieve this feel. So contact j.ellen design today, for your guest bedroom interior design needs!