The Curtain Call: Picking the Perfect Curtains for your Space

It might come as a shock to you (or not!) that choosing curtains can actually be a much bigger task than just picking a few out at a store. Knowing the length, width, and how to hang them is just as important as the material it is made out of and the color. Curtain shopping can be a pretty daunting task. Let’s take a look at some of the key items to consider when it comes time to shop for your curtains.

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Unique Outside Entertaining Ideas for This Spring & Summer

With the warm weather approaching fast this spring, you’re probably itching to get outside and do a little gardening or outdoor entertaining. Many people have go-to entertaining items like barbecuing, pools, or fire pits. But what else is there that is fun for more than one person to do outside? Let’s take a look!

Pizza Ovens

A really fun and unique way of entertaining outdoors is your very own brick pizza oven! Lots of instructions exist on how you can make one yourself, or you can purchase different kinds of pizza ovens online and have them delivered to you. Some even connect right up to a barbecue. Still, a pizza oven is a surefire way you can entertain a bunch of guests and make a delicious meal no one will soon forget.

Greenhouse Entertaining

This may be shocking to some, but having a greenhouse can also be a great area for entertaining, provided there is enough ventilation and room for all of your guests. This is where a product called the Sun Bubble can work great! A greenhouse like this one can be used when it is raining to entertain guests and keep them dry. Surround guests with plants and you could even have a whimsical tea party. Or, alternatively, bring your portable greenhouse somewhere with open skies during the summer and enjoy watching meteor showers — without getting eaten by mosquitos and other bugs.

Big Games

Ever seen a giant game of chess or checkers? Enjoy some big board games with your friends by making a game board out of your yard and using large items as game pieces.

Alternatively, you can also buy a giant outdoor board game instead. When not being played with, the game pieces can add a bit of whimsy to your outdoor landscaping.

Pass Through Bar

This isn’t something you could adopt as easily as the others, but it’s a really fun way to entertain guests, especially if you have a pool and you don’t want people constantly coming inside the house, bringing chlorinated water inside. Convert an old window, door, or wall into an area dedicated to becoming a bar on the outside. Make sure you can open and close the window when necessary or not in use. Add some stools and you’ve got an excellent party-ready entertaining area where you can talk to your guests while you are cooking or preparing for outside activities!

Do you have your own unique outdoor entertaining items? Share with us your ideas in the comments below!

Blue Insect Pattern Design Wallpaper by

16 Times Wallpaper Looked Amazing

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When you think of wallpaper in 2019, it’s probably likely you’re thinking of your grandmother’s old 1960s wallpaper – dated, not with a lot of colors, strange patterns that made sense at the time but don’t make much sense today. While we’ve come a long way from hand-painting wallpaper and printing it with limited palettes, many people still shy away from using wallpaper in their every day design.

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