Celebrate Black History Month with Historical Design

Sharing Black History with Interior Design

For Black History Month, it’s both important to understand the torrid and sometimes disturbing history of Black individuals in our country, and to hold up Black individuals and their voices. We would like to take some time this month to explore artists and interior designers who showcase our world’s history of racism, colonization, and exploitation.

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Celebrate Black History Month with these 3 Black interior designers

Celebrating Black interior design for Black History Month

Black History Month may fall on the shortest month of the year, but you can still do your part to educate yourself and make a step forward towards inclusion by understanding the history of Black individuals in our country and the oft silenced contributions they made (and continue to make) in our society. We’d like to do our part by highlighting some of the Black interior designers in our industry.

These wonderful voices can add their own particular flare to interior design. Some may have an aesthetic comparable to well-known white interior designers, and others may have their own particular style. Let’s embrace what each person has to offer, and celebrate Black excellence in interior design during Black History Month. Give these fine folks a follow on social media — you won’t regret it!

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Time for a fresh start: interior design tricks for your 2021 resolutions

2021 Resolution: Better interior design, better mental health

Setting New Year’s resolutions can be daunting, and most people opt to go for “go to the gym” or “eat healthier”, and then give up those resolutions only a month or two in. But there are other resolutions that you can make that can dramatically improve your mental health and happiness, and some of them don’t even require a huge time commitment. A big change you can resolve to make is updating your interior design, reducing clutter, and helping you have a nicer workflow as well as living space. These can have a dramatic effect on mental health.

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Inspirational movie set interior design

Inspirational Movie Set Interior Design & Decor

When it comes to putting together interior design for your home, we are often inspired and influenced by the things we see everyday. Sometimes those things are television programs like Flip or Flop, or other interior design shows. A lot of the times, inspiration can come from television shows and movies with a budget — sets specifically designed in a certain way. Let’s look at some of the fantastic movies that can shape your next interior design project!

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Try a color generator

Spruce up your interior with a color scheme generator!

All out of ideas to breathe new life into your room? Here’s an idea: Try out a color scheme generator!

Computers are really awesome for a lot of things, including — you guessed it — color pairing. With a little bit of guidance from humans (you know, since we have eyes), you can generate a neat, tidy, and beautiful color palette to help you with your newest interior design project. Not all color generators are equal – some you can have generate a palette entirely for you, while others you can feed an image to take colors out of – so depending on how out of ideas you are, you may want to try all of these generators.

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What is timeless interior design?

Is there such a thing as “timeless” design?

When imagining a new space, it’s hard not to get swept up in the current trends. Customers often like to jump on the bandwagon, and want to enjoy things like an all-white kitchen, or certain trendy colored accents. While trends aren’t necessarily bad, not all trends stand the test of time. While all-wood paneling may have been the trend in the 80s, we’re making better design choices in 2020. Let’s talk about “timeless” interior design and if it does exist.

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5 Of the creepiest houses in America

5 of the creepiest houses in America

What makes a home spooky and creepy? Is it the architecture? The landscaping? The torrid history? The lack of light? Its proximity to a cemetery? Whatever it is that gives a house an eerie feeling, we wanted to share with you some of the creepiest, spookiest houses in the world for you to enjoy (from a non-haunted distance) this Halloween season!

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Tips for the perfect home office

Tips for the Perfect Home Office

Many of us find ourselves working from home right now, so the right home office has become more important than ever. You need a space that allows you to focus on your work and makes you feel relaxed. Just like in any space, interior design plays an important role in making your home office the best it can be.

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Living wall

Livening up your space with a living wall

Designing your space means taking into consideration a variety of styles and ideas. You may be interested in putting out plants, but are lacking floor space, or maybe you have dogs or children who may get into your plants. Instead of adding photos or paintings to your wall, you can start on a “living wall” instead! Get a chic, modern, and unique piece of artwork for your wall with your living wall. We’ll show you some great examples of living walls.

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