What is timeless interior design?

Is there such a thing as “timeless” design?

When imagining a new space, it’s hard not to get swept up in the current trends. Customers often like to jump on the bandwagon, and want to enjoy things like an all-white kitchen, or certain trendy colored accents. While trends aren’t necessarily bad, not all trends stand the test of time. While all-wood paneling may have been the trend in the 80s, we’re making better design choices in 2020. Let’s talk about “timeless” interior design and if it does exist.

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5 Of the creepiest houses in America

5 of the creepiest houses in America

What makes a home spooky and creepy? Is it the architecture? The landscaping? The torrid history? The lack of light? Its proximity to a cemetery? Whatever it is that gives a house an eerie feeling, we wanted to share with you some of the creepiest, spookiest houses in the world for you to enjoy (from a non-haunted distance) this Halloween season!

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Tips for the perfect home office

Tips for the Perfect Home Office

Many of us find ourselves working from home right now, so the right home office has become more important than ever. You need a space that allows you to focus on your work and makes you feel relaxed. Just like in any space, interior design plays an important role in making your home office the best it can be.

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Living wall

Livening up your space with a living wall

Designing your space means taking into consideration a variety of styles and ideas. You may be interested in putting out plants, but are lacking floor space, or maybe you have dogs or children who may get into your plants. Instead of adding photos or paintings to your wall, you can start on a “living wall” instead! Get a chic, modern, and unique piece of artwork for your wall with your living wall. We’ll show you some great examples of living walls.

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Fireplace coals

10 Tips for Decorating Your Patio for Summer

It’ll be summer soon, and having a comfortable and stylish patio can make all the difference when it comes to wanting to spend your summer outside. A great patio gives you and your family a space to hang out in and makes being outside more enjoyable. When figuring out how to decorate your patio for summer, there are a few basic tips to keep in mind. We’ll go over 10 of our favorite patio decorating tips you can use on any size patio.

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Green lush garden

What is a victory garden? Should you start one?

While self-isolating, chances are you’re looking out your window and thinking about all of the amazing things you can do with all of your free time (that is, if you’re not still going to work as an essential worker) since you’re no longer visiting stores or going out on the weekend. One way that you can pass the time is through gardening. If you have any interest in gardening, you may be wanting to try your hand at a so-called “victory garden”.

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How to fix some of the most annoying things in your home while staying at home

How to fix problematic areas in your home while staying at home

With everything happening surrounding the pandemic right now, it can be even easier than ever to get frustrated with your surroundings. Having to stay inside for extended periods of time makes it woefully obvious where your interior design lacks and your “flow” gets hung up. We’ll talk you through a few interior design tips you can use even during lockdown to make your home a little less annoying to live in.

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4 Tiny Houses that will make you want to downsize

4 Small Homes & Tiny Houses that will make you want to downsize

Small homes and tiny homes have swept the nation. Shows like Tiny Home Nation show lavish and lush small homes that can easily be picked up and moved somewhere, or attached to a car and brought around the country. Small home living isn’t for everyone, and it can be easy to get frustrated at a lack of space. But there’s truly some envy-worthy small homes out there that are fantastic to look at. Let’s look at some amazing tiny homes:

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