Red and Green Bedroom

9 Times Complementary Colors Can Look Great In Your Room

You may remember from school that complementary colors lie on the opposite side of the color wheel. Orange and blue, yellow and purple, red and green. You know that mixing these often produces a not-so-nice shade of brown (or maybe a wonderful shade of brown! There’s no wrong color). But did you know that using complementary colors in design can actually be a good thing?

When utilizing complementary colors against one another, an interesting thing occurs. The colors can “vibrate” against each other! The term “vibrate” is in response to the way your eyes feel when interacting with these colors. This doesn’t always happen with complementary colors, but it does happen most often with them. Here are some examples:

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Flames & Fire

Lessons in Color: Warm Colors

You may have heard of the term “warm” colors. We’re going to explore what a warm color is and why it’s called such. Warm colors tend to be colors that are between red and yellow on the color spectrum. This is because these colors remind us of “warm” things, such as fire. Pink, red, orange, and yellow are all considered warm colors.

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Lessons in Color: Neutrals

Roman Shades on windows add a dramatic flair
Neutral greige tone on a wall

j. ellen Design, LLC is putting together some great infographics with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your design. Today we’re going to talk about neutral tones and neutral colors, what they are and how they work.

You’ve heard the term “neutral” tone, or “neutral” color, but what is a neutral color? Why is it so useful and versatile? Neutral means that the color or tone is lacking in a specific hue or saturation. Neutral tones tend to be without preference to a certain color.

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Roller Shade

Rolling Shades versus Roman Shades: Which is best?

Roller Shade
Standard Roller Shade

Ah, it’s an epic battle of taste! Whether you’re renovating your current space or moving into a new one, you may be wondering, which should I choose? With so many design options available for your window furnishings and coverings, it can be a tough decision for anyone. The patterns, fabrics, and colors alone can be endless – but choosing the base style can help you narrow down your options. While I can certainly help you to decide what will best work for your space, needs, and wants, here are some things to consider.

You may be familiar with roller blinds, also known as roller shades. They are the typical rolling shade that pulls down and springs back up. They come in a variety of colors, shades, shapes, and styles. They can be light blocking, heat blocking, and more. They are the basic type of shade or blind that you think of when adding a privacy element to your windows. They are generally low-cost and low maintenance. Roller blinds are great because they look good even extended, without any seams, lines, and generally fairly dust free.

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How to hang artwork

How should I hang artwork on my wall?

One of the biggest problems you may face with decorating your home is… How do you hang your artwork on your wall in a cohesive but visually arresting manner? While there are multiple ways you can hang artwork on walls, some ways may be better for others, especially when it comes to where you’re hanging your artwork.

We’ve prepared an infographic for you below to help you with some ideas on how to hang artwork on your walls.

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What height should I mount my flatscreen?

One of the questions I often get is how to know where and how high to mount artwork and other items on the wall such as flatscreen televisions. Because of this, I’m going to be publishing some interior design tips in the form of infographics to help you! These infographics will have easy-to-use DIY tips and tricks for answering your questions and making your space look great. Have a question about something (or you want to see an infographic about something)? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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How to survive your kitchen renovation

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen renovations are tough! Think about it, you have removed the heart of your home and while it is going to come back and be better than ever, you have to get through the recovery/healing process of gutting your old kitchen to replace it with new. There will be dust, disruption and a period of no sink or appliances. What is one to do? Here are a few recommendations to help you through this process.

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Timeless Design versus Trends

Trend /trend/ (v.) emerge as a popular trend; be currently popular

Site IconThis is the textbook definition of trend. In the world of interior design and fashion, we are constantly barraged with trends. What style of furniture is ‘in’? What is the color of the year?

In marketing (on-line and social media), trend is defined as ‘a subject that has many posts in a short period of time.’ This creates a short burst of excitement or talk that tends to fade out shortly thereafter.

The common denominator of a trend is the fact that it may be and generally is short lived and will tend to look dated after a short period of time… If you are a child of the 80s or 90s, you can simply look back at your old photos to find examples. Ummm… shoulder pads anyone?

As a designer, trends can be an interesting dilemma. They are splashed everywhere for us to see… home design television shows, magazine articles, and social media. How do we create a space that will not be passé in a year or two? Timeless design is the art of balancing the classics with a few splashes of a trend to remain current. Think of the classic black dress. Every woman has one and while it may be a simple design that works for your body type, the accessories chosen create a different look each and every time it is worn. The dress, however, remains beautiful and timeless.

When working with our clients to design a space in their home, we want to create that classic black dress by selecting cornerstone pieces that are classic and timeless while infusing a splash of the trend to always keep your home current. At j. ellen Design, we find that this formula creates a functional, beautiful space that will endure the test of time. We want to help you create a long-lasting space to enjoy for years to come — not months. Contact us today to get started.

The Perfect Room: Finding Your Inspiration

Inspirational SpacesWe all dream of that perfect space and what it means to us.  Will it be inspiring, relaxing, energizing.. or maybe all of the above!  I have always found nature to be a huge inspiration for me and on a recent trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, this Samurai Warlord Retreat seemed perfect.  It is perched over a pond with amazing views.  For me, it felt peaceful, inspiring and energizing.  I found myself enjoying a perfect summer day with family while dreaming about how wonderful it would be to be able to retreat to such an amazing space.  I would draw, work on client projects, read a book or simply take a refreshing cat nap while enjoying my surroundings.

While this may not be the most practical space for someone who lives in New Hampshire, there are elements that I am able to work into my current living and work spaces to create the open, airy feeling that inspires me.  

What inspires you?  Think about how you want your space to feel and begin to incorporate objects that will continue to inspire, relax or energize you. Need some help? Call j. ellen Design and let me help guide you in finding and expressing that inspiration.