How to Make Your Home Office Remote-Work Ready

Many people have a home office, and many people are working remotely a few days a week or even full time. Simple as that, right? Not so fast. Most home offices were intended for occasional use rather than full time jobs, and many people shifted to remote work unexpectedly, meaning we didn’t have time to set up a thoughtful workspace.

If you’re looking at hybrid or remote work in the months or years to come, check out these tips for making your home office a work-friendly, comfortable, and beautiful space!

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Pop of color to bathroom

5 Ways to Add a Pop of Color to your Bathroom

Whether you’re planning a renovation or starting from scratch with a brand new home, design decisions can be overwhelming. Some, like flooring, furniture, and appliances, are big commitments. Others, like accent pieces and some textiles, you can change more easily.

The bathroom can be a great place to go big with color. It’s a smaller space, so intense colors and bold designs can take center stage without overwhelming your home. Here are five ideas, from small changes to big facelifts, to make your bathroom pop.

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Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban: Japanese Burned Wood

Shou sugi ban is actually an ancient Japanese way of finishing wood that has been around for many years, however, you may have noticed that it’s making a surge in Western design. We talk about shou sugi ban, what it is, who it benefits, and why it’s shaking up the design world now for its utilitarian use.

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Celebrate Black History Month with these 3 Black interior designers

Celebrating Black interior design for Black History Month

Black History Month may fall on the shortest month of the year, but you can still do your part to educate yourself and make a step forward towards inclusion by understanding the history of Black individuals in our country and the oft silenced contributions they made (and continue to make) in our society. We’d like to do our part by highlighting some of the Black interior designers in our industry.

These wonderful voices can add their own particular flare to interior design. Some may have an aesthetic comparable to well-known white interior designers, and others may have their own particular style. Let’s embrace what each person has to offer, and celebrate Black excellence in interior design during Black History Month. Give these fine folks a follow on social media — you won’t regret it!

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Try a color generator

Spruce up your interior with a color scheme generator!

All out of ideas to breathe new life into your room? Here’s an idea: Try out a color scheme generator!

Computers are really awesome for a lot of things, including — you guessed it — color pairing. With a little bit of guidance from humans (you know, since we have eyes), you can generate a neat, tidy, and beautiful color palette to help you with your newest interior design project. Not all color generators are equal – some you can have generate a palette entirely for you, while others you can feed an image to take colors out of – so depending on how out of ideas you are, you may want to try all of these generators.

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5 Of the creepiest houses in America

5 of the creepiest houses in America

What makes a home spooky and creepy? Is it the architecture? The landscaping? The torrid history? The lack of light? Its proximity to a cemetery? Whatever it is that gives a house an eerie feeling, we wanted to share with you some of the creepiest, spookiest houses in the world for you to enjoy (from a non-haunted distance) this Halloween season!

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Prepping your Kitchen for the Holidays

How to Prepare Your Kitchen for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving on Thursday, it’s easy to have the holidays sneaking up on you. If you’re entertaining, you’ll be using your kitchen a lot during the holidays. You won’t have enough time for a kitchen renovation, but there are some things you can do to make sure there’s room for your cooking, your entertaining, and more while you have guests over.

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