Creating beautiful, functional spaces is a process that includes careful planning and collaboration. When we are invited into our clients’ homes, we help them achieve a balance of aesthetics and function within their living spaces.

At j. ellen Design, LLC, we ask questions and listen actively to ensure we understand your vision, project goals and constraints such as budget and timeline. This information guides our interior design services and support throughout the entire project. Along the way we revisit these topics to ensure the project continues to meet your evolving needs. Throughout the project we strive to educate interested clients so you can feel confident that your decisions will add value to your project and produce a solution that meets your needs. These techniques reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes and time consuming delays.

Whether it is design services to support do-it-yourself projects or a full interior design services package to manage your entire project, using a professionally trained designer can provide the additional assistance you need to create a beautiful home.

What kind of design are you looking for?

Whole Home/Residential Design

Looking to renovate your home? j. ellen Design offers our clients a full range of interior design services.  We will work with you in the early phases to create a set of design plans, throughout the implementation to keep project moving forward and in the later phases to add the finishing touches to your project. Whether you are adding an addition, reconfiguring walls or just looking for a new layout, we have the expertise to help you. Many decisions will need to be made during your project.  Leverage our experience to ensure you get the living space you desire.

Kitchen Design

We understand that the kitchen is often the heart of the home. You and your family spend a lot of time in your kitchen cooking, doing homework and entertaining family and friends.  Being such a critical element of the home, it is important for every homeowner to have a functional and beautiful kitchen. At j. Ellen Design, we pay attention to every detail so you can have your dream kitchen.


New Construction

While we are happy to renovate an existing home, sometimes you need to start from scratch. If you are building a new home or business we can help you bring your vision into reality.  The team at j. ellen Design will work with you and your architect to create a space that refects how you live and work. From assisting with architectural design plans, coordinating with the contracting team and managing the project through to the final implementation, we will work with you to ensure every detail is covered.   j. ellen Design is the perfect partner to have in your corner.


Commercial Office

j. ellen design is proud to be a preferred custom commercial designer. We have assisted in the design and implementation of many commercial design projects. Whether your design project is a new construction project or renovation of an existing commercial space, we can help you with all of your commercial design needs.

We know that having a functional office space is essential to your workflow and that of your employees. Placing essential items (such as a printer) too far from hotspot work areas can increase time spent retrieving item, reducing productivity. We will help you design your office space for optimal efficiency and create a pleasant work environment for everyone on your team.


Being comfortable in a restaurant is important, and j. ellen Design, LLC has the experience you need to build the perfect dining space. Whether your restaurant is a 5-star dine in establishment or a coffee shop, we can design your space to fit your needs.


Understanding a retail space is important to ensure sales. Having a clean, well lit and well organized display or storefront area is important to showcasing your offerings to customers, thus one of the cornerstones of in-person sales. We can help you develop your retail or storefront design and implement it to your specific needs.