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j. ellen design is proud to be a preferred custom commercial designer. We have assisted in the design and implementation of many commercial design projects. Whether your design project is a new construction project or renovation of an existing commercial space, we can help you with all of your commercial design needs.

We know that having a functional office space is essential to your workflow and that of your employees. Placing essential items (such as a printer) too far from hotspot work areas can increase time spent retrieving item, reducing productivity. We will help you design your office space for optimal efficiency and create a pleasant work environment for everyone on your team.

Not all commercial spaces are the same; your space will have its own unique needs dictated by the nature of your business. We have worked with commercial design clients in the past to renovate unique spaces such as historic millyard spaces, warehouses, and other multi-purpose spaces. No matter what your specific commercial need may be, we will help you build a space that cultivates the appropriate atmosphere, traffic flow, and ensure that space is appropriately allocated for all of your business needs while showcasing your unique style and brand.

When designing for commercial spaces, it is important to note that commercial products and materials will differ greatly from those used in residential spaces. j. ellen Design will work with you to specify materials and finishes that take into account the special needs required in a commercial space.  

During the construction and implementation phase, we will maintain contact with contractors, vendors and other team members to ensure your project is running smoothly.

We offer all of our new and existing clients over 20 years of knowledge, expertise, education, and our vast network of builder and contractor connections to create the very best spaces for our commercial clients.

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