Virtual Kitchen Design

As we all hunker down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have not forgotten that this is our busiest time of year!  Spring is the time when many of you anticipate planning your kitchen remodel.   In an effort to keep your plans moving forward, in spite of novel viruses, j. ellen Design will offer virtual design services to get your project started.

Kitchen Design Wireframe

How will this work?  j. ellen Design will send you detailed directions on how to measure your kitchen space and ask that you send us a basic drawing and some photos of your existing kitchen (or even a video).  Once we have this information, we will take the following steps:

Host a voice or video chat to talk about your project and understand while we discuss your wants/needs for your new kitchen.

j. ellen Design will take your dimensions and prepare options for kitchen layouts.

A second video call will be held to review design options and narrow selection down.

Once we have selection narrowed down, j. ellen design will finish rendering with your choices and provide renderings, detailed dimensioned drawing and budgetary guidelines for your new cabinetry/countertops.

Should you decided to move forward and order your cabinetry through j. ellen Design, we will schedule an on-site visit to verify dimensions and layout.  We will also provide preferred contractors to assist with your renovation project.

As we pilot this concept, we are offering our kitchen design services for a one time design fee of $500. Should you decided to purchase your cabinetry through j. ellen Design, we will credit this design fee on your order. For more information on the cabinetry we sell, please visit Woodland Cabinetry.  

Kitchen Design Render

Thank you all for supporting each other and our community as we work through the challenges of COVID-19 together. We recognize that you have options for your kitchen design project and we are eager to find creative new ways to provide you with great designs while keeping everyone safe and minimizing any impacts from this virus.

Ready to get started?

Simply make your $500 deposit to initiate your consulation! We take deposits via PayPal, but you can pay without a PayPal account. PayPal can process MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

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